EMpowered Dance Center

Setting the  Barre  for Excellence

Our Facility

Empowered Dance Center is located in a classic Williamsburg style retail space with ample parking in a safe environment. We have 2 studios, the larger is about 1100 sq feet. One studio has Gerstung Sprung Floors and the other has DuraDance Sprung Floors. Sprung floors are important to have in the studio because the cushioned pads underneath absorb shock to protect 

knees and shins when dancers land from jumps. Our studios have full length mirrors, new ballet barres and a new sound system. Our studios also have observation windows/doors as well as closed circuit cameras for parents to watch class in progress. Empowered Dance Center also offers free WiFi.

DuraDance Floor is the newest type of floor on the market today. It is currently being used all over the west coast and is gaining popularity on the east coast. 

Studio 1: 1100 sq ft of DuraDance flooring with Marley, 3 floor to ceiling windows and windowed French doors for observation.

Studio 2: About 800 sq ft of Gerstung flooring with Marley, an observation window and closed circuit TV. 

Our Address

13818 Jarrettsville Pike

Phoenix, MD 21131